Why not come and join Sean at one of his weight loss workshops as it’s a great way to keep motivated, reduce your weight and have fun.

There are no weigh-ins and each workshop consists of 4 sessions, one a week in the evenings and last approximately 60 minutes

In the 4 sessions you will:

  • Reduce your weight and maintain it
  • Stop over eating and bad food habits
  • Be in control of food
  • Feel more confident with your self

In each session Sean uses Hypnosis and quick and easy mind changing techniques (NLP) with the group to help you to get to your ideal size, helping you to stop over eating, and change your food habits or beliefs.

There are no diets and you are able to eat what you want!

The sessions are friendly and relaxed and it’s a good way of making new friends and working together, offering mutual support as you achieve your aims.

Sean runs his weight workshops at selected venues and bookings are in advance and available to anyone who is motivated and would like to reduce

For more information on how these workshops may help you feel free to contact Sean

If you feel that one on one sessions may be more appropriate for you then you’re welcome to discuss with Sean more, as  each individual session is tailor made to meet your own unique  needs.