Sean holds Sports and Golf Mind coaching workshops in the evenings on a regular basis at certain venues.

Each workshop consists of 4 sessions, one a week which last approx. 90 minutes per session. The workshops are informative, interactive and you will be given the opportunity to learn how your mind plays a huge impact on your sporting performance and abilities

Sean will take you through the process on how to prepare your mind and body before you play, how to control your mind and emotions whilst plying and in between your performance, allowing to you access the zone  on a much easier basis

Some of the Items that will be covered are :

  • Goal setting correctly to achieve your outcome.
  • How to change your states very quickly , producing rapid changes in your mindset
  • Rewiring the detonator of the self-destruct button
  • How to use your thoughts to your advantage
  • How to perform beyond your comfort zone
  • How to develop a solid and reliable routine
  • How to access the zone more often
  • How to make use of your thought process that will assist your game
  • How to cope and deal with pressure
  • How to manage performance anxieties and nerves

Every session incorporates a lot of interactive NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) techniques which you can learn easily, enabling you to be able to quickly use them in your sporting performance straight away

Whether you are a professional, club player or individual who just wants to improve their sports performance, all workshops are developed for all sportsmen and women at all levels. All groups are kept small within 6 people

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