Become a Non smoker not an Ex smoker

Non-smoker Hypnosis Workshop

In this  stop smoking workshop you will experience a full hypnosis session and also learn  the most advanced techniques in the field of Hypnosis, Nlp (Neuro linguistic programming) and Tft (Thought field therapy) to help you become that non-smoker, no longer thinking of cigarettes and quickly taking back control of your life!

Now Imagine just how great it will be because you have all the strengths and resources within you to just say No! And that means you can experience all the great benefits that a Non smoker naturally does .

So What will You gain from the Workshop?

  • Understand your relationship with cigarettes to help you end it

  • Eradicate any urges or cravings for smoking

  • Learn powerful techniques from a combination of the latest proven therapies to use that will help you make that change

  • Change your old habits at a deep subconscious level with a full hypnotherapy group session

  • A free MP3 to re inforce the change

  • Full back up and support


Is this workshop for me?

  • Do you really want to be a non-smoker?

  • Have you tried to quit in the past but found willpower alone was not enough?

  • Are you happy to join a group of friendly people who have also decided to be non-smokers?

  • Do you want to be able to live your life more healthily, richer and more in control?

  • If you have answered “yes” to at least two of these, then the Workshop is for you

Workshops in Northampton and Nuneaton and are 3 hours long

Cost £60

For more information on venues and dates feel free to contact Sean