Sports mind coaching now plays a very big part in the sporting world today, it helps sports performers to understand how their minds can influence their performance and how they can apply mental strategies to help them perform to the best of their ability in competitions.

But how many of us are guilty of being so self-absorbed in practicing and working  on our technical skills and fitness that our mental side often gets forgotten , leaving our bodies over trained and our mind under trained?

A lot of the time when we play our sports we are our own worst enemy, putting ourselves under pressure even before we have started,  pushing our self-destruct buttons, not performing at our best due to self-limiting  belief’s, negative thought and language patterns that we entertain in our own minds, expecting failure rather than success

Using Advanced Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) quick and easy mind techniques and Hypnotherapy, Sean can help you to :

  • Access the Zone more easily and consistently
  • Overcome performance nerves and anxieties
  • Increase your confidence
  • Stay more focussed
  • Set & develop effective training & performance goals
  • Develop &Improve Self belief
  • Deal with pressures
  • Plus more

Top athletes such as tiger woods, Andre Agassi, Freddie Flintoff, have all used sports mind coaching, giving them the mental strength and get the extra edge on the competition. But you don’t have to be a champion, any sport performer can benefit and improve their performance.

Because each of us have our own way of thinking, each treatment plan is individually tailored to your specific needs, enabling you  to make maximum gains on your sporting performance

“IMAGINE” performing as well as in competition as you do in practice as “YOU CAN!”

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