I treat smoking the same as any other unwanted behaviour, not labelling the person but treating the person, finding out the root of why they smoke, addressing the underlying beliefs they have towards smoking.

Using an effective unique combination of Nlp and Hypnotherapy techniques we clear the reason behind the behaviour allowing you to take back control of your life, moving forward without the physical or emotional urges connected with smoking, no longer trying not to smoke but instead now not wanting to smoke, becoming a non-smoker not an ex-smoker.

My stop smoking treatment plan is one session, helping you to stop any inner conflict , eradicating any cravings, self-limiting beliefs, habits, replacing your old behaviours with better natural healthier strategies that will benefit you more.

As a result, all your old self-limiting beliefs about smoking; will easily and quickly become a thing of the past.

You will receive

MP3 recording or CD  of hypnotic suggestion to re-inforce the work we do during sessions.

Inclusive telephone, email or text support between sessions, and for the next 3 months if required

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