Pain is a signal that something needs attention and should be taken seriously, you should therefore ensure that you seek medical attention first to have the condition diagnosed by your doctor before you seek hypnotherapy

If this has already been done and the pain still exists then what can you do?

Pain is a natural way of our bodies telling ourselves that we are damaged and that something needs to be repaired quickly otherwise our survival will be threatened. However sometimes when our injuries/illnesses have healed we can still feel persistent due to pain signals still being   received by our brain.

Therefore Hypnotherapy and NLP are effective and proven therapies for reducing and controlling pain and giving relief, as it has been shown that they can be remarkably effective for conditions such as joint pain, neck pain, Ibs, sciatica, , migraines, arthritis gout, rheumatism, phantom limb pain, dentistry, and more serious conditions such as cancer.

There is also evidence that major procedures such as operations can be carried out without the use of analgesia with the use of hypnosis and has shown to improve recovery times and reduce nausea and pain after an operation.

So how can I help you?

Using Hypnotherapy and Nlp (Neuro linguistic Programming) techniques I will help you change the way you perceive pain messages in order for you to reduce the intensity of what you are feeling.

You will also be taught self-hypnosis so that when every session finishes, you will be able to  use this natural drug free management  any time in your daily life, helping you to reduce your pain and live a more comfortable life the way you want.

Take that first step now to and contact Sean to find out if he may be able to help you