A lot of us don’t think about why we over-eat and just concentrate on what we  eat….why?

Because a lot of eating habits, behaviours and disorders that we have learnt and do are done on the subconscious level !

All of us go through many different types of emotions during the day and due to our conditioning and learnings from childhood with the belief that food  makes us feel  better, we then often resort to eating to the response to negative or positive emotions using food as an emotional release or sometimes weight as a form of protection, yet none of these have anything to do with actual hunger. Hunger should be the main and only reason of why should eat.

From bad eating habits, behaviours, cravings , compulsions  to conditions such as bulimia, or anorexia,  Sean uses the latest Hypnotherapy techniques to identify and eradicate the root cause of your eating issue  rather than just trying  to work with your food behaviours, giving you the control back from food, helping you to develop a new positive relationship with food, reducing the weight you want and  keeping it off so that you no longer have to organise your life round food of what you can and cant eat!

During my sessions you will

  • Learn effective techniques to overcome food issues
  • Control your portion size
  • Eat slower
  • Remove Inner conflict
  • Understand and change your eating patterns and behaviours
  • Change your relationship with food
  • Improve self-image

All sessions are tailored to each individual, working in a pace and way that is suitable and comfortable for you

Group weight reduction workshops are also available

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