Many people have had or heard of gastric band surgery to reduce their weight and it is not suited for everyone.

Normally surgery is carried out on people who have a very high BMI (body mass index) and the surgery procedure works on the procedure by reducing the size of the stomach so that smaller portions are eaten and fullness is felt ,thus in theory reducing weight
However with this surgery there can be a high risk and potential risks and the costing can be high of £7000 plus and increases if the patient needs to go back to have the band tightened. Plus if emotional issues of the person that resort to food are not addressed then the person will just continue to eat calorie laden foods and the band will not have such a great effect to the extent of not working.

That is why more and more people are opting for hypnotherapy and the safer and effective option of the hypnotic gastric band program for reducing their weight long term.

By using my hypnotic gastric band program I will discover and help you change the emotional triggers that make you over eat, whether you eat to reward yourself or when you are stressed, upset or even bored. Whether its negative or positive emotions my program can help you make the changes you need to achieve your weight goal.

What is the hypnotic Gastric Band process

By using advanced hypnotherapy techniques Sean helps individuals to create a state of mind where they believe that they have had the actual gastric band fitted, allowing to them to think that their stomachs have shrunk, enabling them to eat smaller portions and feeling full without ever being operated on

Immediately after the Hypnotic Gastric Band Program, my client’s notice a change in the way they feel, their food beliefs, eating habits and behaviours changed, feeling less likely to feel hunger and reducing their weight and achieving their goals. Their weight staying off and more in control of food.

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