Do you feel stuck, being limited to what you can do?

All fears have specific trigger points that create negative feelings and all are  learnt behaviours. They are created from a significant emotional experience in the past, a result of something you have witnessed or experienced.

So  If something is created then it can be uncreated and by using effective tools  of Nlp, Emdr and Hypnotherapy techniques Sean works together with you  on the root cause of the issue, removing the negative emotions , the old learning that is causing the  fear  that’s holding you back ,enabling you to have more control over your life.

Once the root cause has been dealt with Sean then helps you to create the future you want, allowing positive behaviour to happen and positive feelings to grow and get stronger

Fear is one of the most basic human emotions, and it works like an instinct and helps to protect us from the time when we were infants. We are equipped with the survival instincts necessary to respond with fear when we sense danger. However a lot of the time now that instinct can get in the way of living our lives such as fear of flying, fear of crowds, dogs, spiders, failure, exams and so forth.

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