I specialise and  successfully work with people at my venues in London, Northampton and Nuneaton to deal with their addictions, compulsive habits and destructive behaviours, including gambling addiction, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, chocolate addiction, food and others.

A lot of the time addictions can just slowly get the better of you without you even knowing it, you may of started off with a bottle of wine at the weekend which then becomes an essential and habit in the evenings, or perhaps you made a bet online and won and now you continue to keep betting as it gives you that buzz and having the mind-set you can double your money., forever gambling to try and get the money back that you have lost

Whatever the addiction a lot of people try very hard not to admit that they are addicted and that they can stop anytime because some people by admitting they have an addiction fee ashamed of the way they behave, often being secretive, hiding their habits,feeling out of control..but you can do something about it to make the changes you want. It takes a lot of courage and determination and there is no magic wand and you have to want to change as changing your life starts with you and only you

However by using an very effective combination of Advanced Hypnotherapy and Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, Sean will work with you on clearly identifying and clearing the actual cores and triggers behind the addiction, changing your present behaviours, beliefs and behaviours, allowing you to give yourself that chance to take back control, making the right choices and living the life you want,

Sean upholds confidentiality at all times and totally respects your privacy, so when you are ready and if you feel that you have a habit that is totally out of control or slipping out of control, just get in touch and we can discuss more.

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