When you book with Sean You are investing in the quality of your life and Sean’s time to help You make changes to your life.

During and between sessions Sean will share with you practiced techniques and some of the skills he has gained over the years through extensive studying and training. Each Session is approx. 90 – 120 minutes

Individual Sessions:

Northampton/ Nuneaton Venues – £90 per session Approx 60 -90 minutes

London Venue – £200 per session- Approx 60 -90 minutes


Stop Smoking Programme

Northampton/ Nuneaton Venues – £200.00

London Venue – £360.00

This programme consists of 2 sessions 90 -120minutes duration reach


Weight Loss Programme

4 Sessions – Total £300

Hypnotic Gastric Band Programme

Northampton Venue – £420 in total

London Venue – £650 in total

This Programme consists of 5 sessions, 1 x Weight reduction and 1 x Gastric Band CD or memory stick included


Skype  – £120 per session

TFT -VT –  Phone Sessions – £120 per session




Payment can be Cash , Bank transfer or by pay online


Contact Sean for more details