Hypnotherapy is a comfortable relaxed state where you just close your eyes and allow yourself to relax whilst you listen to the hypnotherapist’s voice, as your conscious mind (analytical mind) switches off leaving your subconscious open to receive  positive suggestions that are right and appropriate for you , to  uncover your thoughts, feelings and memory patterns that led to your issue and which continue to maintain it .

However hypnotherapy mustn’t get confused with stage hypnosis as the two are very different, so you wont be clucking around like a chicken, but instead be making rapid change which im sure is of more benefit  to you.

Whilst under Hypnosis you :

  • Always in control
  • Cannot be made to do anything you don’t want to do
  • Can open your eyes at anytime
  • Will always here the hypnotherapists voice
  • Can’t be made to reveal personal information

Hypnosis is a focussed and absorbed state, a bit like day dreaming when someone talks to you but your miles away thinking about something else or perhaps driving along the road and suddenly you  realise you have just missed your turn. When we think about the future or recall a memory from the past , these are all examples of trance that we can experience naturally many times during the day from seconds to several minutes, and because these states are natural, hypnosis is 100% safe

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