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Do you want to play better golf , scoring better scores more consistently and easily?

Well you might be amazed that you can, if you just learn  4 simple things!

I have played off scratch for over 20 years  and i found the less i played the even better i would become. I even became a 19 stone bodybuilder and still managed to retain my handicap quite effortlessly and easily.

This helped me realise just how much the way we think on and off the golf course helps you to become the player you can be!

Golf mind coaching now plays a very big part in the sporting world today.It helps golfers of all levels  to understand how the mind can influence the performance and how they can apply mental strategies to help them perform to the best of their abilities in competition.It is an effeicient and effective technique to overcome barriers and obstacles not only in our personal lives but in our sporting lives too.

A lot of times we are our worst enemy .we can spend many hours of time practising our technical ability to perfection when it can only take one negative thought, language pattern or picture to then find ourselves pushing our own self destruct buttons and everything to come crashing down around us.

Even before we start playing we can find several reasons for failure,….self doubt, ,the weather, stress, nerves and having this negative  mindset will just set tension into our bodies therefore giving us no chance to perform well..

If we dont use our minds in a positive way we can then find ourselves performing badly, thus forming limiting beliefs about ourselves which can leave us expecting failure rather than sucess.

By changing the way we think when we are not and when we are playing our sport, changing our beliefs, self tak, maintaining a positive attitude, running positive movies  in our minds then it is possible to make a big impact on our performance level

I offer one to one sessions at your venue both inside and  out on the course or why not come along to one of my monthly workshops to find out whats it all about?

Imagine how great you will feel seeing yourself achieving what you want to achieve

For more details on the 4 things that can change your game and life feel free to contact me

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