In this ever pressurising society where our size and weight  is becoming more and more of an issue, why do many of us only focus on our bodies, the way we look?

Many of us join the Gym or a Fitness club desperately trying to reduce our weight to feel better about ourselves to give us the image we want or we may start a diet club or a healthy eating plan (Diet in disguise ), but really?

Exercise is great in moderation as it increases our production and release of serotonin which gives us the feel good factor, but if you just raise your hands in the air for 2 minutes 3 times a day this also has the same effect .

So if we work on our bodies and fitness,  why do most of us not work on the fitness of our minds?

If you have a problem with  your body you go to the doctors but if we have a problem with our mind then what?

The mind controls the body and one cannot work without the other.

Most of the time our eating habits and behaviours are completely out of alignment due to the time that we have in our busy scheduled days. We dont prepare or organise ourselves properly , we may do with the kids but what about who is the most important person in your life?…….okay i will ask this question again…who is the most important?……………..Nope not the children!……not your partner!…not your dog or cat or even goldfish!…….yes its YOU as if you cant function then how can everyone else who relies on you?

So if we change the way we think and feel then we can change our lives for the better especially when it comes to food. So many times i hear the words i have been good today,  i have eaten properly or more of the case i have been bad today as someone bought in cakes from work and i just had to have one!  Firstly lets clear this up! You personally haven’t been good or bad , its just the way a lot of us  have been  conditioned from childhood, we take on the beliefs from the people who we looked up to as a  child  and continue with  them through our lives ,good or bad being one of them.

With weight reduction if we start changing the way we think , our food habits , behaviours etc  then we can start reducing  our weight the way we want to as lets face it food just produces energy to burn!

Yet most of us use it as comfort as its not the food we crave but the feeling /emotion that we believe the food gives us .If we change that feeling then we no longer need that food..simple

My weight reduction sessions and workshops are not  actually about reducing your weight, thats just an effect of the results , its about changing the way you think and feel, so that you  no longer live  your life around what you can or cant eat..around food and the way you look!

If you would like to know more feel free to join me on one of my TAP YOUR WEIGHT AWAY workshops that are coming soon or have a foc consultation where we can discuss further on how i may be able to help you

Be lovely to hear from you