When people feel stressed anxious or nervous there is a tendency to become something that we call tunnel vision or foveal vision. We focus on one point in front of us and notice only all the details about that one point. You may often not be aware that when you do this how your breath is shallow, and your muscles are tighter than normal


That’s because this type of vision is linked to the arousal system of the sympathetic nervous system. This is part of the automatic nervous system that triggers the fight /flight response and releases adrenalin which can make ourselves feel anxious, nervous or agitated.

However if we  use our peripheral vision,  broadening  our field of vision around us and focussing  more on what we can see out of the corners of our eyes, it has the opposite effect, the muscles in our body become more relaxed, our breathing becomes deeper and the more relaxed and balanced we become.

Peripheral vision is a quick and very effective technique that can be used by anyone whenever they find themselves in a potentially stressful situation as it controls state and helps to create a calm peaceful state in mind and body.

It is great for people who suffer from stress/anxieties, fears, specially public speaking, or sports people such as Golfers, Tennis players, Football/ Ruby players, Horse riders, as with sports people this technique enables them to judge the run of a teammate or tracking to where a ball is going or be able to perform at their best and access the zone more easily and quickly.

Please see the technique below


Step 1

Just pick a spot in front of you just above your eye line and focus on that spot. As you focus on that spot in front of you hold your arms straight out in front of you, with your thumbs pointing upwards.and continue to Focus straight ahead on that spot.

Step 2

Now while still focusing on that spot slowly move your arms out to the side of you. As you do this, notice yourself starting to take in more of the room around you, (without moving your head).

Step 3

Stop moving your arms when you can no longer see your thumbs from the corner of your eyes and let your arms slowly drop to your sides.

Step 4

Now Keep looking ahead as you did in Step 1, and imagine your vision expanding. Notice more of the room around you. Now stretch your vision even wider, begin to see more on your left, and on your right and notice the shapes of objects at the edge of your vision, continue to stretch your awareness in your imagination to as far around you as you can

Step 5

You’re now in peripheral vision, close your eyes and feel what you feel and let your mind release any anxious thoughts.

Notice how you different you feel

Continue to practice this technique until your peripheral vision becomes automatic and you will do it even before any negative emotions start

For more information on how you can eradicate Anxieties or Fears quickly and easily or perform at your best, feel free to Contact Sean