With the ever increasing  pressures that  a lot of people maybe facing in their  lives today,  many  are now  finding  themselves resulting to alcohol as a temporary fix, using it as a release from stress or maybe  as an escape  or anaesthetic for relationship  or emotional problems, past or present .

So many times I have heard people say I can’t wait to get home and relax with a glass wine..but does the wine relax us?… or is it just the way we have conditioned our minds to believe this belief, our subconscious minds developing to use the alcohol  as a coping strategy, just like smoking, emotional eating, self-harming, Hair pulling, the list is endless.

Virtually everything we do in our lives is habitual, we follow programmed patterns of  behaviour such as going to work, having a coffee first thing in the morning, taking a shower, cleaning our teeth , we learn steps of a behaviour for a particular outcome and then this becomes a habit!

However there are good habits and bad habits that we are for ever creating, A bad habit starts innocently enough, may be having 1 or 2 glasses of alcohol a couple of times a week, we then may  have a few more drinks  when we go out to socialise , or maybe when we have friends round, thus consuming more alcohol every week to the extent that we don’t realise just how much we are starting to rely upon the alcohol  more and more as it becomes  a subconscious behaviour, not even thinking  about it , just reaching for the bottle every day when we get in from work.

The more we do this behaviour the more it gets engrained deeply into our daily routine and the more dependant we become on alcohol, no longer being able to function in our daily lives without it, the alcohol then becoming an addiction as it  begins to control you!

If you feel you have lost a little control and want to cut back on your drinking or if you have a drinking issue then Hypnotherapy and NlP (Neuro linguistic Programming) can help you take back control, managing your thoughts and emotions, understanding why alcohol has become an issue, eradicating any cravings, learning new ways of dealing with the problem and different better behaviours that will benefit you so much more and feel the way you want to without the use of alcohol

If you would like to know more or if you have any questions then feel free to Contact me and we can discuss more in detail. I offer a FOC consultation at my venues or over the phone.

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