Are you going on a personal Holiday or on a Business trip and not looking forward to the flight? Do you do absolutely everything to try and avoid taking that flight?

Well this is a natural response, like all fears it’s your subconscious mind that we are not conscious of that is trying to protect you .Why?…

Your subconscious has mainly 2 job roles, one is to serve the conscious part of the mind and the other is to do everything in its power to protect you, it’s like a parent that’s over protective so whenever it thinks you are in danger situation it will trigger the fight or flight response. With this you may experience your heart beating, adrenaline floods your body, hot flushes, sweaty palms and we may experience panic, anxiety and confusion and all this is quite a natural response..fear may set in and the closer the date gets to our air flight the worse it becomes and we may start to keep replaying a movie in a mind of what disastrous thing  is going to happen and will do our best to get out of that situation, even to the extent of missing the flight on purpose!

Fear of flying is one of the most common fears and phobias that most people have or have experienced,on average 15% of people have this fear or phobia.

Since the dreadful day of 911 and with all of us keeping hearing terrible news on yet another air flight that has crashed or gone missing , flying has started to become quite terrifying for some people. Almost 15% of people now have a fear or phobia about flying, yet like most fears and phobias it has been created by ourselves. Okay we wasn’t born with wings and not designed to fly yet the only 2 fears that we are naturally born with are the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling over. So the good news is that everything that has been created, can be uncreated!

However despite all of us being told the normal statistics about flying and how it is one of the safest ways to travel, that is safer than driving a car or crossing a road, logically we become illogical as our subconscious doesn’t  take this reasoning  in, as all it does it perceive the flying as danger due to a similar result we have experienced from the past!! No matter how many times you tell someone who has a fear of flying how safe it is, it won’t sink in and you will be banging your head against a brick wall!

You see with  the fear of flying not everyone is fearful about the same thing, some people feel that they are not in control and have to be flying the plane to  feel safe, some feel claustrophobic or get agoraphobic, or have a fear of heights or that the plane is going to the centre of a terrorist attack

So why is it that?

  • Some people absolutely love flying and will sky dive and jump out of a plane
  • Others just get on a plane like its jumping on and off a bus.
  • 15% of people are absolutely petrified of it

Well you see it’s not the flying or the plane that’s the issue here as a fear of flying is a learnt behaviour, and it doesn’t necessarily have to start from flying!

A lot of the time it’s what we have experienced in our lives that have become associated with the flying.  Maybe it’s another fear that we  have or perhaps we may of experienced a bad car accident, or an abusive relationship, or have been locked in a cupboard or room , it’s  what that situation meant to that person at the time (fear/terror/panic/what if I might die ) that links it all together!

Of course or it might stem from childhood (perhaps parent had the fear) or it may of have developed after suffering a bad experience (such as turbulence or the plane making a emergency landing etc.)

So as you can see the fear of flying could be related to many different types of things.

So how can you eradicate this fear?

By using a blend of the latest Neuro Science techniques such as Havering, Nlp(Neuro linguistic Programming), and Thought field therapy, and EMDR , full recovery can be achieved  in most cases in under 2 hours, however everyone responds differently even though one session may be enough for some people, for others it may be two sessions depending on how deep rooted the issue is ..but You can make Lasting Change quickly.

Sean specialises in fears and phobias  and normally 1 session is only needed for rapid change …….so please your welcome to  contact me if you have any questions or would like to start you way back to full recovery.

Best Wishes