Have you ever wondered why you may have tried several times to give up smoking but after a time you just find yourself starting up again?

Well smoking like a lot of behaviours is a habit that we have created. We start doing a pattern of behaviour for a reason that we may or may not be consciously aware of. As we continue to do this behaviour more and more it eventually gets ingrained into our neuro pathways. Once this happens it then becomes an automatic subconscious behaviour and smoking patterns are then created.

A lot of smokers are not consciously aware of the main reason why they smoke as the root of the problem can be linked to a negative emotion that stems from childhood, feelings such as lack of confidence, low self-esteem and beliefs such as I’m not lovable, not good enough, I’m a failure, I’m not liked, and this just produces a paradox cycle where the smoking behaviour is driven by a negative emotion that produces the very thing it’s trying to avoid.

Normally a smoker starts smoking in their teens to be accepted by a particular group of people or to rebel and as they continue to use the cigarette to socialise they acquire the belief that they can’t enjoy social occasions without a cigarette. Then as they get older they  associate the cigarette for other reasons (Secondary Gains) such as relaxation but due to the nicotine being a chemical stimulant ,it just has the opposite effect and gives the smoker more stress!

So ask yourself if you were to give up smoking what are you giving up?

What are you losing?

Absolutely nothing!

Your not giving up anything as cigarettes just feed you the  nicotine that keeps you smoking.

It takes up to 3 weeks to create a habit and if all habits are created then they too can be uncreated as quickly!

Just Imagine now  all the benefits of being a Non Smoker.

So how can Hypnotherapy and Nlp (Neuro Linguistic Programming)              Help You take back the control and become  a Non Smoker ! Someone who doesn’t even think about smoking?

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