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I’m a experienced Hypnotherapist of over 14 years and my passion lies in helping people make lasting changes to their lives and Fast! To Help You to achieve your goal, no matter how long you had your issue.

Most of my clients make fantastic permanent change in less than  2 or 3 sessions, for many just 1 session is all that is required, as you can achieve very powerful results, removing the need for many continuous therapy sessions that a lot of therapists seem to prescribe.

Now I help you make these Fast life changing results by combining the main major principles of Hypnotherapy and Nlp (neuro linguistic programming) and the most advanced proven rapid cutting edge neuro science therapies and techniques such as Thought Field therapy VT,Havening ,Psy- Tap, Emdr and Reflective Repatterning that work direct with the subconscious mind ( the part of our mind where all our issues are programmed and run) so that you can then get the real results you want that last forever!

Once this is done we then focus on how you want feel and be, living your life the way you want!

I deal with all sorts issues as well as specialising in issues such as Stop Smoking (One Session)  Anxiety, Fears, Phobias, Trauma, Depression,  and Gambling  Addiction.

All my clients get my full attention and support in and out of therapy and my sessions run anything up to 90 minutes as I do not run my sessions by the clock. I don’t just stop because time has run out ,so sometimes my sessions may run over slightly as I don’t  charge by the hour but by the changes you are making.

I provide simple and easy to use techniques which you will be shown,so that you can use outside the therapy room if you wish

You can find me working at my venues as well as working via Skype or Zoom which can be cheaper for the client,

I offer a FOC strategy call on the phone, zoom, face time or a chat at my venue where I see if I am able to help and work with you and if you will suit the therapies that I use. If you would like this then please feel free to contact me for more information.

07521338460   sean.harris12@btinternet.com

Best wishes



Please don’t use the burgundy colour book my foc consultation boxes on this site at the moment as they are not working  and I’m getting this resolved