Hi and Welcome

My passion is towards helping people make lasting changes to their lives and fast! To Fix You at a speed that is right for you, no matter how long you had your issue.
This may seem quite hard to believe but the brain has plasticity, which means it can change at any age and I can help you do that.
Now I do this by using a unique way  that combines the most advanced proven rapid cutting edge therapies and techniques such as Thought Field therapy, Havening , Emdr, Psy- Tap, Eft  as well as Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic programming to help people get the lasting instant results they want as quickly as possible.
All these amazing therapies get straight to the unconscious mind which is where all our issues lie and help to quickly resolve and eradicate them.
Daily support is supplied to all my clients, and you will be shown easy to use techniques from these amazing therapies which you will be able to use in the comfort of your home so that you  can continue to change when you are not with me in the therapy room.
All my sessions run anything up to 90minutes as I do not run my sessions by the clock or charge by the hour. With my unique program No two clients or sessions are the same, all of my treatments are completely bespoke, you are unique and your treatment will be tailor made especially for you.
I offer a FOC strategy call on the phone, skype, facetime, where I see if I am able to help and work with you and whether you will suit this unique way that i work.
Feel free to contact me for more information
07521 338 460   seanhypnotherapy@outlook.com

Please don’t use the burgundy colour book my foc consultation boxes on this site at the moment as they are not working  and I’m getting this resolved

I am here to support you in achieving lasting change and look forward to working with you in the future

Best wishes