Hi and Welcome to Hypnosis Within.

If your looking to take back control of life and live it the way you want to, no longer being controlled by the issue you may have at the moment ,then in a very short space of time i can remove your anxieties, traumas, fears and phobias, or negative habits or behaviours, Simply, Effectively and Quickly, enabling You to set yourself Free from anything you may be suffering from.

Now i do this by using a unique style of the most modern advanced therapies , not just Hypnotherapy or NLP(Neuro Linguistic  programming), but with the  most powerful proven therapies in the world today –  Psy tap  and Thought Field therapy – Voice Technology and other breakthrough proven modern therapies such as EMDR, and Havening, to make rapid lasting change.

By combining these advanced therapies i focus not only of getting rid of the symptoms of the issue but also eradicating the cause, as once the root of the problem has collapsed then everything  else just disappears . Its a bit like when you uproot a weed, you don’t just cut the top off as it will grow back, however if you uproot the root its eradicated for good. I then work on how you want to feel, so that you can take back the control of your life, living and feeling the way you want.

Now it doesn’t matter how long you have had the issue or habit as you can change fast as all my sessions are solution focussed approached  and content free so you don’t have to keep reliving the past by talking about it over and over again. I don even have to know the issue as change can quickly take place, yes it can be that simple!

I offer a tailor made fast  solution to your own personal needs and I don’t work by the clock!

If you would  more information  or if you have got any questions you would like to ask then please  feel free to give me a call /text on 07516 985247 or email me sean.harris12@btinternet.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours and do my best to help you.

I am here to support you in achieving lasting change and look forward to working with you in the future

Kind Regards